Naples Florida Festival of the Arts!!!

We could not be more excited than we are about participating in the 29th Annual Downtown Naples Festival of the Arts on March 18th and 19th.  What an honor to be involved in such a Great Art Festival.

Though exhibiting at the Festival is certainly the highlight of our spring, I can't say that getting a bit of that Florida sunshine isn't adding tremendous anticipation to our rain-drenched Seattle bones.

Florida sunshine and beautiful warm days - we are ready for you!  

What we believe ~

Every work of art has a story.  Never has that been more true than in the case of ancient art.  It truly was not just art.  It was monuments, it was memorials, it was depictions of their every day life, or honor to a cultural hero, or humanizing of mythological gods and goddesses.  This blog is devoted to bringing that story to life. 

The work of ancient artisans is oftentimes at great risk of being destroyed through natural climatic events or through the careless acts of mankind.  Stone Theater wishes to preserve images and stories of some of the greatest artisans of the past. 

We believe it is our connection to the timeless art of the ages.